AI-Powered News Archive
Stay ahead of the competition
by extracting maximum value
from your archive and
creating compelling news stories.
JECT.AI's helps users discover, organise, and extract maximum value from their news content.

Unlock the Potential of Your News Archive

Harness advanced NLP techniques for organised, easily searchable archives, and ignite creativity with innovative angles on past news. 


Uses advanced NLP techniques like Entity Recognition and Sentiment Analysis to structure news archive content

Automatically identifies and extracts entities such as people, organisations, and locations to make the content more searchable and understandable

Provides sentiment analysis to gauge the mood and tone of the news articles and help users quickly filter for positive or negative sentiment

Creative intelligence extraction

Generate new and innovative ideas for news stories from your archive by using JECT.AI’s creativity engine

Provides a platform for exploring different angles and perspectives on a given topic or event, sparking creativity and inspiration

Offers suggestions for related articles, topics, and themes to help users discover new content and generate fresh ideas

AI-powered search

Uses advanced search algorithms to quickly and accurately locate specific news articles within the archive

Enables users to filter search results by date, topic, author, location, and other relevant criteria


Provides a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and efficient browsing of archived news content.