Stibo DX's CUE
JECT.AI offers the CUE plug-in
that enables you to use its features
within your existing CMS.

Boost Productivity with JECT.AI’s CUE Plug-in

Uncover fresh content angles effortlessly with JECT.AI’s CUE plug-in, designed for seamless integration and enhanced productivity in your existing CUE workflow. 

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly integrate JECT.AI into your existing CUE workflow.

Use JECT.AI features through a simple plug-in to the existing CUE editor

Extend the plug-in to discover angles from your own news assets

Maximise Productivity

Get more done in less time with JECT.AI’s advanced features for CUE.


JECT.AI discovers multiple new angles and voices as you type


Save time by not having to switch between tools

Unlock Full Potential

Maximize the capabilities of CUE with JECT.AI’s advanced features.


Simply open and close the JECT.AI plug-in to CUE as needed


Select different texts in the CUE editor to direct JECT.AI’s creative intelligence


Export your archives from CUE-DAM to generate more specialised angles and voices

Boost Your Content Management Efficiency

Do you want to elevate your content management game and increase your productivity? Look no further than JECT.AI’s CUE plug-in for content management systems.