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Just set up a simple profile, then receive an email personalised to include new angles and insights on news topics that interest you. 

Configurable To Your Needs

Our AI algorithms generate different types of angles and insights. For example:

Investigate unusual angles on current news stories

Explore the angles used to report news written in other languages

Discover converging news stories early, to report them first

In-depth Creative Insights

Let our AI algorithms do the heavy lifting for you

Explore new angles and insights beyond the obvious

Save time, work more productivity, and produce better stories

Simple To Use

Set up your profile either using a website, or just by talking to us

Describe the topics you are interested in with a few keywords

Then enter your email address, and you’ll receive the daily email


There is no need to set up or use other tools

Exploit JECT.AI’s Creative Intelligence More Easily

Do you want to leverage new AI algorithms without needing another tool? Then look no further than our new morning email service.